Our world is getting polluted day by day. Our fuel consumption is increasing so emission of carbon dioxide is more causing the greenhouse effect. We throw away products that result in landfills. Harmful chemicals from factories are polluting the water and affecting both human health and the aquatic life. Overall, our activities are affecting the environment and our health. This blog is written to create awareness of these issues and talk about ways to protect the environment and our health.

The source of many diseases is our environment. If we don’t keep our environment clean, the food we eat won’t grow in the best condition. So, it will eventually affect our health. We must be more health conscious. The rate of obesity has increased due to poor eating habits and lack of exercise. We should choose the right kind of food and be active to keep ourselves fit and healthy.

In this blog, you will find very interesting and engaging articles about protecting our health and environment, also find ways to reduce the negative impact on our environment. We hope you will find this blog interesting and helpful.