There are many different types of Afro’s and some people are well-known for being afro advocates with hair that stands out throughout our history. People like Gil Scott-Heron, Malcom X, Erykah Badu, Al Green, Michael Jackson and Marvin Gaye all come to mind as having great afro’s.

How does someone look after their Afro and is there a trick of maintaining such a volume of hair? Some people spend hours combing their hair, others use products and cosmetics to maintain the body of hair and it’s afro-looking style. What there is with all the best afro’s is a routine of maintenance and care, both with conditioning and combing.

Maintaining the afro needs a lot of work from managing those curls, breaking those knots, moisturizing, brushing and using products that have natural oils. There are loads of ways of maintaining a healthy afro and some hot oil treatment for natural hair are well-known for making the overall condition ideal with loads of volume. Then after the oils are placed then leave a while for the curly hair takes much longer for the product to travel, simple because of the density and quantity of hair.

After moisturizing your hair then protect the splitting ends and apply moisturizer and then wrap it up with a scarf then let them settle with the nutrients nourishing the hair. This will pump up the volume and allow you to keep and maintain a large afro without the tangled afro that some people encounter.

Be sure to pick the right products and find the one that helps with a healthy hair development. Some products at the beginning will make the afro look great but with prolonged use the hair will become damaged, so be wise when choosing which ones to use. I always recommended natural beauty products, which are as close to nature as possible that last over the long-term and will strength your hair for years to come.