A missing tooth can ruin your spirits and smile. More than the aesthetic implications of missing teeth are the health concerns. Teeth are designed to function all together complementing each other. With a missing tooth it will effectively stress the remaining ones to fill in the functional gap it creates.

There are plenty of options to replace a missing tooth like implants, fixed bridges, dentures that are partially fixed and some that can be removed partially. The replacement is a costly process and time consuming. It cannot be done in a single sitting.

The best option is to use a temptooth that can save you the cost and time of going in for a permanent tooth replacement option. Here is honest review about the temptooth. Temptooth are safe, non toxic, biodegradable material fake tooth options for tooth replacement in case of missing teeth. They are tried and tested and found as the best option in replacing the missing teeth. Temptooth is an ultimate solution to replace missing teeth in few minutes. It can be done sitting in comfort and privacy of the customer’s home.

Temptooth is a realistic, inexpensive, and durable tooth replacement to retain a nice beautiful smile till you visit the dentist for a proper replacement.  To obtain a temptooth is easy and simple as it can be done at home and within few minutes. This kind of tooth can be removed whenever you desire to remove it. It gives a natural tooth appearance and it can be matched to the surrounding teeth by colouring it.

It can get easily detached as you chew on sticky food or bite on hard surfaces. Temptooth requires surrounding tooth to be intact as it requires good grasp.  Temptooth is definitely a good option for tooth replacement.