Wondering if you should start dieting? If your aim is to reduce weight or adapt a healthier lifestyle, following a good diet will be advisable. If you are going to follow some random diet because it is out there on the internet, think again. This may not be such a good choice for you after all.

Read this article to know what health experts say about dieting:

Dieting Is Not Starving

What one has to understand clearly is that dieting is not starving. Just because you want to diet, does not mean you need to starve your body and curb all cravings. Dieting is eating mindfully. One needs to watch what they eat and be conscious about the number of calories consumed.

Burn What You Eat

A diet is required to ensure your body gets only what it requires and not in excess as these excess are what gets stored as fat. Hence what you eat should be directly proportionate to what you burn. If you are very active physically and burn a lot of calories on a daily basis, you can eat more than what a physically inactive person does.

Balanced Diet

A good diet should include everything. It should not be devoid of something completely. If you are going off carbs to reduce weight, it cannot go on forever. The body needs carbs to get its energy. Carbohydrates are the biggest source of energy especially if you are regularly exercising or into sports. If you are on a carbs free diet to lose a few pounds, you should start consuming carbs in restricted quantity after a few days. This ensures your body doesn’t starve.


A diet rich in fiber is advisable for all. Fiber gives you the required energy without adding calories; it helps body digest fat better and adds strength too. This is why one should eat lean meat, vegetables, nuts, etc that are rich in fiber.