A lot of people are not aware of how different types of drug test or screening exist. The most common drug test method out there is by testing a urine sample. This is not expensive like a blood test. However there are other tests conducted which include your hair samples and even your finger nails. Your hair follicles could be tested for drugs and I was surprised to read about this and I found out about hair drug tests here. It is an important point to note that when they do your hair confirm test, they could find the drugs until for 90 days. It means that you will test positive if you have consumed drugs even before 3 months.

There are certain procedures that they follow to do this test. They need at least 1.5 inch of your hair closest to your scalp. The party drugs are most certainly and readily detectable in the hair and that is the reason this test is done. There are many ways to clear this test apart from staying free of drugs. A detox definitely works although this takes a lot of time. A detox shampoo is one way to clear off from your hair.

Working out in general means you sweat a lot and there by flushing all the toxins out from your body. This literally means that you are flushing out the trace of any drug from your system. If you are really not sure about giving the test and somehow want to come out of it, you could think about shaving your hair completely as the pot or any drug you use stays close to 3 months in your hair. And flushing out of your system essentially takes a lot of time.