The Best Tips to Help Keep Your Bones Strong

I am into fitness for so long that I thought I was immune from falls and aches!

This is perhaps one of the biggest mistakes that we do. Only because we hit the gym floor three times a week at least and eat a balanced diet in order to stay well within your BMI, we begin thinking that we have become our healthy best.

Actually, looking after ourselves is a full-time preoccupation:

There is not a single phase in life when you can call it quits on this.

I had a fall last summer and I hate to admit that I am still suffering from a low-grade pain there. A lot of exercises to counter the pain and even physiotherapy sessions have not done what taking good care of the bones have till now.

Here is a list of things you must do to ensure your bone strength:

  1. Build upon Calcium:

People in the age group of 19 to 50 years must stock up on 1000mg of calcium daily. And those above fifty years may want to take 200 milligrams extra on that. The best source of calcium is from natural dairy products. Roasted almonds are also a great bet!

  1. Vitamin D is also essential:

Studies have categorically proven that Vitamin D is important for the body’s absorption of calcium and that is why exposure to the sun for at least fifteen minutes daily is a given in case you want your bones to become hulk-strong!

  1. Supplements are good too!

If for some reason you cannot take natural whole foods rich in calcium and vitamin D, consider taking supplements instead. It is important that you consistently take them over a long period because health supplements have an accumulative effect.

  1. Come out of bad habits:

Reduce caffeine and alcohol and quit smoking. Tobacco is a known hormone blocker and affects the bones in more ways than one. Switch to healthy habits to last longer!! Read more suggestions on

The Importance of Wellness and Why Everybody Needs It

Wellness is the state of maintaining healthy mind and body. It is much more than being free of illness. It is a process of growth and change. Wellness is very much important as it creates an impact in different areas of life. Everyone wishes to live their life happily and to its fullest potential. But it not so easy to achieve and often in life one faces many challenges and things which you can’t have any control. Fortunately, you could optimize the overall well being. Upon improving the well being you could easily notice benefits in both profession and personal life.  In addition to wellness, it is very much important to take care of one’s health. Get immediate treatment if you face any medical issues and don’t linger the issues. For instance, if you are facing any issues related to your back, you could consult Joshua S. Rovner – a robotic spine surgeon from New Jersey.

Importance of wellness

Personal wellness- It’s important to maintain personal wellness as it deals with the choices one need to make to thrive and flourish in their personal life. In fact to balance everything that life has to offer becomes easier when you got a personal wellness plan.  By doing so, you could succeed in life and it helps in facing the challenges which help you to learn and grow into a better version of yourself.

Professional wellness- It is important as it deals with the choices one need to make in growing the career. Employer’s who offer wellness programs in their organization find that they have been able to improve the well being and the overall health of their employees. This would lead to satisfied and happier employees who spend less on healthcare and got more time in their hand being productive in their job.


How To Write An Excuse Letter For Work?

An excuse letter is usually written to an employer, school or college explaining the reason that why you were not able to attend work or school for a period of time. The reason for your leave of absence could be anything like you had been sick, you attended a wedding event, and you attended a funeral and more such reasons. Sometimes you will have to inform your leave of absence in advance with an excuse letter or provide the same later when you return to work. An excuse letter to work should carry a formal tone throughout. There are some suggestions at f-origin site on the types of excuses you can give at your workplace.

When writing an excuse letter to your employer, you have to understand the leave policies of your company beforehand. Get to understand if your boss would need the excuse letter in written format or through email or just a phone call would do. Also get to know how many days in advance you need to inform your boss about your leave of absence.

When writing the letter you can keep it brief. Do not get into detail like explaining the symptoms of illness or the personal problem. You need to mention the dates and days you will be absent and explain the reason in short. You can add a few words about your interest in helping your job so that it does not stagnate. You can inform that you will be available online for any kind of assistance like replying through email.

The letter should have from address, date, to address, the body explaining your leave of absence and an ending note with your signature. If possible try to send the excuse letter in advance before you miss work. This will be helpful for your employer to assign the work to someone else if you are going on a long leave.

5 healthy foods that you must eat daily

You must take care of your body for your well-being and good health. You should eat healthy food every day to stay healthy. Here are five foods you must eat every day.


Other than instant oatmeal, any type of oat is good for your health. Oat is a wonderful way to start your day. Oats are gluten-free. It has lots of fibers that will not make you hungry till the lunchtime. It helps to lower ‘bad’ cholesterol as well and so can prevent heart disease.


All kinds of berries are good for your health. These are antioxidant-boosing foods. Berries make your skin look young. You can add a handful of berries to your bowl of oatmeal every morning. You can also take some berries to work, so you can have them as snacks.

Green leafy vegetables

You should eat spinach and kale every day. These leafy green vegetables have cancer-fighting phytochemicals, antioxidants, fiber, minerals, and vitamins. They can lower the level of cholesterol and stabilize your blood sugar levels.


Apple has soluble fiber. It keeps you fuller for a longer period of time. Also, it consumes less than 100 calories. You can make a delicious dessert with apple.

Garlic and onion

We use onions and garlic as the base of various recipes. They have many nutritional benefits. Garlic has antioxidants and so it can prevent sickness. Juice of onion can reduce your hair loss.

All these are very healthy foods. The portion of food you take depends on your age and weight. But you need to make sure that these foods are part of your everyday meal.

5 major barriers to regular exercise

Regular exercise is essential to remain fit and healthy. However, not many people exercise regularly. Here are the major barriers to exercise.

Not getting enough time

Most people complain that they don’t have any time to exercise. We are all busy with our lives. But you will be surprised to know that the recommended duration of exercise is only 150 minutes which will take up 1% of your time every week. It isn’t that much. You must prioritize your things in life and make room for exercise. You should find at least 30 minutes every day to exercise. If you can’t get 30 minutes, then break it up into two 15-minutes sessions. Make it a routine. For example, walk for 15 minutes every day after lunch.

People feel tired

You should exercise at a time you feel most fresh. It is usually the morning time. At the end of the day you feel physically and mentally tired and so don’t feel like exercising. After exercise, you will feel very refreshed.

Family obligations

You must ask your family members to help you out with the household works so that you can find some time to exercise. You can also ask your family members to join you. You can exercise in your home if you don’t get the time to go to a gym.

People are too lazy

Many people feel too lazy to exercise. You should remember that if you don’t exercise, your health will slowly deteriorate and you may have many diseases. So, whenever you feel lazy to exercise, imagine what it would be to fall sick on bed. Try to find motivation to exercise.

They don’t like exercise

You can choose a fun activity for exercise; for example, you can play tennis or frisbee. You can do varieties of exercises so that you don’t get bored. There are many different types of exercises now, you can experiment with those and see which one you actually enjoy.

There is no way you should skip exercise. It is essential to remain healthy and prevent many major diseases. You must get into the habit of exercising every day.

4 ways human activities are having adverse effect on the environment


In many ways, we are making this planet difficult to live in. Here are five ways in which our activities are having a negative effect on our environment.

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Carbon dioxide emissions

We burn fossil fuels which emit carbon dioxide. The atmospheric levels of carbon dioxide are very high now. Carbon dioxide traps gas, so the average temperature of the earth is increasing. As a result, the weather patterns are changing. Some of the carbon dioxide that are absorbed into the oceans have increased the acidity level by 30%. So, the oceanic ecosystems and the food chains are affected.

Draining rivers

Our life depends on a lot of fresh water that is available in lakes and rivers. But one-fourth of the Earth’s basins dry up before getting into the ocean. This happens because of low rainfall which is mainly caused by deforestation and man-made dams built to divert water flow.

Industrial agriculture

More than 40% of the Earth’s surface is comprised of agricultural lands. Much of this land was covered with forest. But now there is more farmland due to deforestation. Lots of carbon dioxide is emitted due to deforestation. The fertilizers that are used in farming also has negative effects on the environment. They inject a large amount of phosphorous and nitrogen into the ecosystem.

Plastic production

Plastics contain chemical compounds that can stay in the environment for thousands of years. It has a great impact on the ecosystem. Much of this plastic ends up in landfills and the rest goes to the ocean disrupting the aquatic life.

All these activities are caused by man and are having a severe effect on our environment. We must control these activities in order to save this planet.

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