Itchy Back is a very common problem and everyone must have experienced this at some point in time. Though this itchy sensation is a temporary thing to most of us, there can also be something chronic and might be caused due to skin disease. Let us look at the most common problems and some skin diseases that causes an itchy back.

Common Causes

Poor Hygiene

Poor hygiene is the most common cause of an itchy back. As the back of our body is a place that is very difficult to reach by our hands, proper cleaning might not happen sometimes. Over a period of time, dirt accumulates in the back and causes itching. If you are in need of a good back scratcher, then this site reviews a selection of back scratchers.


Chemicals present in shampoos and hair dyes can cause an irritation to the skin at the back and lead to itchy scalp and backs. It is better to use safe and gentle products to avoid this allergic reaction.

Creams and Lotions

Just like shampoos and hair dyes, many skin creams and lotions to contain harsh chemicals that might irritate the skin. Avoiding tanning lotions and creams that irritate the skin might be a way to avoid an itchy back.

Diseases that Cause Itchy Back


Acne is a common thing that affects the back of our body. When the pores of the skin are clogged, it leads to pimples, cysts, and blackheads. When acne appears, itching is a common symptom.


When there is an infection at the back or any infestations, then it leads to itching. This needs immediate attention.


Eczema causes an itchy skin. Eczema is very common in small children but is also found in adults. Though the cause is not known, there are medications to treat this condition.


When the skin at the back thickens due to Psoriasis, then it causes itching. Psoriasis is an autoimmune disorder and itching due to this can be controlled and cannot be completely treated.