Clear skin is everyone’s dream. Only a few are blessed to have that flawless skin radiating health and beauty. Many are ridden with acne marks and other skin blemishes, which refuses to leave despite trying a number of remedies.

Here are some of the best ways to eliminate unhealthy skin

Cleanse Gently

Just because your skin is prone to acne and other issues, does not mean you need to clean it harder or more frequently. Using harsher chemical based cleansers may only worsen the problem. Be gentle to your skin, if you want it to look soft and well maintained.

Cut Back On Alcohol

Alcohol can dry up your skin. While it is ok to have a regular glass of wine or any other drink, too much indulgence in alcohol can leave your skin parched and dry looking. This can result in more serious problems such as inflammation and aging of the skin.

Clean Brushes

It is not enough if you just wash off your makeup religiously. It is important to wash your makeup brushes too, as they are breeding grounds for bacteria and other germs. When you use these infested brushes, you are only spreading it all over your face.

Eat Right

While junk food is okay, too much of if can show negative effects on your skin. When you eat healthy, it shows on your skin. You can see how radiating and healthy your skin looks when you eat right.

Don’t Smoke

Smoking not only affects your lungs, it affects your skin too. It can reduce your complexion and make your skin look dull and lifeless. This can lead to an aged look sooner than you would like. Avoid smoking if you want to save your skin and retain its youthfulness.

Safe In The Sun

One cannot stay indoors and avoid going out in the sun. Even if you are prone to sun strokes or sun burns, ensure your skin is well protected with a good sunscreen. Sun’s rays can cause wrinkles and make your skin look aged.