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Top 10 MPA Dive Sites

July 12th, 2012

California’s marine protected areas (MPAs) are leading the way with the country’s first state-wide network of underwater parks. Along with significant environmental and economic benefits, the MPAs bring intangibles—like good, old-fashioned, underwater fun!

Ocean Conservancy spotlighted its Top Ten dive sites within the network—where to go and what creatures to look for amongst the flourishing kelp forests, coralline-encrusted boulders, and rocky ledges.

Thanks to the Marine Life Protection Act (MLPA), some of the best areas for diving and snorkeling in the world can be found in these areas, which will thrive and replenish fish and other wildlife thanks to the unprecedented protection. Check out the giant sea bass in the Italian Gardens of Catalina Island, the bat rays at Landing Cove off of Anacapa, gorgonian sea fans at Laguna Beach, or leopard sharks at La Jolla Cove. Visit for more information.