Physiotherapists are your destination when the knee hurts badly, and when it almost makes you immovable. Not just knee, but any other part too, when it becomes totally immovable, we rely on physio.

But, we never go when it’s almost in the initial stage. We go at the end, when the pain is unbearable, and want immediate results. In such scenarios, using neoprene knee brace will give you some relief. Sometimes, the negligence is due to unawareness as well. So here we are explaining the exact things about knee pain.

What is it?

Knee pain is basically an injury or a disease or condition that restricts your knee movement, reducing the strength thereby.

As we said, the pain can be as a result of injury or disease. Injuries are most common if you are an active sports person, at least once in their lifetime, a knee injury would have occurred. If that is not the reason, then your inactiveness will be! Being obese, staying inactive all through your young age and old age will lead to such conditions, which also leads to osteoarthritis.

Method of diagnosis:

A general physician will do the analysis and will ask you to get some tests done, based on the severity of the injury, like X-Ray, MRI and so on.

General physician after diagnosing your problem, if the pain is severe; they will guide you to a physiotherapist.

At physio:

The physiotherapist will ask you several questions before starting any treatment.  The questions may be like: does it hurt when you twist your knee? Difficulty in walking; climbing stairs and so on.

Based on your response, we conduct certain tests, to see the actual problem;

  • Tenderness in the knee
  • Motion limits
  • Muscle weakness around knee
  • Difficult in carrying weights while walking.

Based on your response, the physio will prescribe exercises and medications along. Low impact exercises are recommended, to keep you active, yet not injuring your knee.