I am into fitness for so long that I thought I was immune from falls and aches!

This is perhaps one of the biggest mistakes that we do. Only because we hit the gym floor three times a week at least and eat a balanced diet in order to stay well within your BMI, we begin thinking that we have become our healthy best.

Actually, looking after ourselves is a full-time preoccupation:

There is not a single phase in life when you can call it quits on this.

I had a fall last summer and I hate to admit that I am still suffering from a low-grade pain there. A lot of exercises to counter the pain and even physiotherapy sessions have not done what taking good care of the bones have till now.

Here is a list of things you must do to ensure your bone strength:

  1. Build upon Calcium:

People in the age group of 19 to 50 years must stock up on 1000mg of calcium daily. And those above fifty years may want to take 200 milligrams extra on that. The best source of calcium is from natural dairy products. Roasted almonds are also a great bet!

  1. Vitamin D is also essential:

Studies have categorically proven that Vitamin D is important for the body’s absorption of calcium and that is why exposure to the sun for at least fifteen minutes daily is a given in case you want your bones to become hulk-strong!

  1. Supplements are good too!

If for some reason you cannot take natural whole foods rich in calcium and vitamin D, consider taking supplements instead. It is important that you consistently take them over a long period because health supplements have an accumulative effect.

  1. Come out of bad habits:

Reduce caffeine and alcohol and quit smoking. Tobacco is a known hormone blocker and affects the bones in more ways than one. Switch to healthy habits to last longer!! Read more suggestions on www.Apexhealthandcare.com