In today’s world, people are praying for miracle discoveries to ensure less pain and trauma during the cancer treatment. With the ever-increasing number of cancer patients, it is even more important to find a solution to ease the pain of this horrible disease. One of such invention is the cancer wristbands which is gaining popularity. These wristbands help to ease out nausea the patients suffer from after undergoing chemotherapy. Many people are willing to try it out and many have claimed it soothes nausea feeling and helps to pass-through the treatment comfortably.

How it works

The wristbands are of two types.  One acts like acupressure wristbands and the other is like stimulation band. Many studies have proved that these are very much helpful in getting a relief from motion sickness, seasickness and also morning sickness from pregnancy. The acupressure bands give a steady pressure on wrists acupuncture point whereas the stimulation band generates a mild electrical pulse on the inside of the wrist.

There were many test and studies conducted on various cancer patients and the result showed that the people used the bands had suffered less nausea during the chemotherapy. In addition to this, it is a safe and low-cost means by which people suffering from cancer can beat nausea from chemo and radiation. These cancer wristbands are easily available and can be purchased at a drugstore.

However, there are still debates going on its effectiveness on all patients. There are many arguments which state that the patients are actually feeling positive wearing the band and it’s the psychological positive mindset which is actually helping them to experience less nausea and discomfort during the treatment.  The doctors believe that what the patients believe in is also very crucial while getting the treatment done for such a deadly disease.