We want to add variation and different perspectives on our articles, for which we welcome guest writers to write for us. If you are interested, you can join us.

Some guidelines

You must read the following guidelines and adhere to the instructions given. Otherwise, your articles won’t be accepted for our blog.

  • You should choose topics that are related to health and environment. Your writing must be interesting and should be able to engage the customers.
  • Your posts must be original and unique. Your articles must never have been submitted or published anywhere else.
  • We want you to read some of our articles to get an idea about what kinds of topics we cover. Think how can you add something different that will help our readers.
  • You should mention the source of all health claims. For example, if you say that certain food is good for the health then you should add a link to a site that says it. We prefer that you adds links to academic journals, peer-reviewed scientific papers, credible news outlets, or any authority sites.
  • You must include relevant photos with your articles.
  • The title of your article must be interesting so that it grabs the attention of our readers.
  • Your articles must be written in a friendly and conversational tone.

You must email us your article along with relevant images and a short author biography. In your biography, you can add links to your website or social media pages. We hope to hear from you soon!